Welcome to Pratibha Pallavan Teachers Training College

Pratibha Pallavan Teachers Training College is an institute dedicated to quality education. We aim at "Global Learning" and Grooming individual into a 'complete personality of tomorrow'.. with empowering young generation with the power of education.

Pratibha Pallavan Teachers Training College was established on year 2008 and offers the B.Ed. & D.EL.ED course.pratibha Pallavan Teachers Training College is managed by Bhagwan Buddha Banbhatta cultural welfare & Charitable trust.

The Secondary level course of Education offering the B.Ed & D.EL.ED . It is affiliated from the Patliputra University of Patna (BIHAR) and recognized by National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) .Situated in an easily accessible location in P.G.Road,masaurhi ,Patna BIHAR- 804452

The college has been designed with a view to creating virtual classrooms.

Students have access to a range of modern facilities such as a technologically viable lecture hall with Internet connectivity, a well-equipped library with open access system and Internet connectivity, and a computer room with computers, a LAN System, LCD and Internet connectivity.

Other facilities include a teaching aid room and well-equipped rooms.